Another Tag??

1. Which would I rather see?
Jersey Boys or The Book of Mormon: Book of Mormon, I think it would be really fun to see live

2. Which would I rather be in?
Les Miserables or Grease: Hmmm, this one is tough but I would have to say Grease!

3. Which would I rather marry a character from?
Cats or Miss Saigon: Miss Saigon(CHRIS) he is so adorable!<3

4. Which soundtrack do I prefer?
Billy Elliot or Starlight Express: Billy Elliot, I love the soundtrack

5. Which choreography would I rather perform?
The Wizard of Oz or Moulin Rouge: The Wizard of Oz because, I was Dorothy once and i love to dance across the yellow brick road 🙂


6. Which would I rather was real?
Thriller Live or West Side Story: Thriller Live!

7. Which main character do I prefer?
Fame or Blood Brothers: Hmm they are both great musicals but I would have to chose Fame

8. Which costumes would I rather wear?
Matilda or Phantom of the Opera: Matilda(I would love to wear a school uniform in a show)

9. Which set do I prefer?
High Society or Wicked: WICKED I love Glinda’s bubble!

10. Which would I rather see everyday if I had to?
Oliver or Joseph: Oliver, it has really catchy songs(Consider Yourself)


Tag Questions!




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